3 Constantin Philosophia

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3 Constantin Philosophia

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This Vacheron Constantin watch was created to the owner’s exacting standards. The Philosophia is something of a paradox, the original idea of which was based on the postulate that mankind does not need to constantly know the time to the exact second. The Philosophia watch has only one hour hand in the centre of a 24-hour display – if the owner wants a more precise idea of the time, they need only activate the on-off slide of the Philosophia’s minute repeater. In addition to a custom-built, precision Moon-phase indicator, the dial also has an opening at 6 o’clock to reveal the tourbillon, which makes a complete rotation once every 60 seconds. Engraved in its pink gold case is the phrase Les Cabinotiers along with the Atelier Cabinotiers coat of arms, which alongside its Geneva Seal adds to the prestige of the watch. With no fewer than 522 parts, the Philosophia watch is a truly unique model that is an extreme example of a custom-built timepiece.

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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